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Throat Chakra Essential Oil
Throat Chakra Essential Oil
Throat Chakra Essential Oil

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Throat Chakra Essential Oil


Throat Chakra::

Sanskrit: विशुद्ध Viśuddha, "Especially Pure"

This Throat Chakra oil has been hand blended by Hannah in Manchester, UK using 100% pure essential Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary and Bergamot oils. 

The Throat Chakra is an energy point located at the base of our throat, this energy centre is where expression of one's self emanates from, this chakra is about projecting your truth into the world. Through our life's purpose and creativity we can connect our authentic inner world with the external world. 

O V E R - A C T I V E   V I S H U D D H A::

If our throat chakra is overactive we may be unable to listen to others, often speaking over them and generally talking too much and often in an innapropriate or aggressive way. An overactive throat chakra can also manifest as an inabilility to keep your word and a tendency to tell lies.

U N D E R - A C T I V E   V I S H U D D H A::

If our throat chakra is under-active we may feel insecure, timid and introverted. We may feel excessively fearful of speaking, being extremely shy or secretive, unable to express emotions, wants or desires. Loss of voice and speaking our truth can create a lack of connection with our self and our purpose in life.

B A L A N C E D   V I S H U D D H A::

When the throat chakra is balanced we are able to communicate with the world from a place of authenticity and truth. Allowing our self-expression and creativity to flow in its purest, perfect form. Opening the throat chakra can greatly help align your vision with reality and releasing heaviness and pressure that may be affecting the heart chakra just below.

Each oil comes in a 10ml glass bottle.