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Rainbow Crochet Dreamcatcher

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Rainbow Crochet Dreamcatcher


The origin of the dreamcatcher remains somewhat a mystery due to the pain that was the European colonisation of the Native American people and their ancestral lands. However, many sources state this tradition was started by the Ojibwe tribe. According to Ojibwe legend, Asibikaashi ‘Spider Woman’ brought the Sun back to the Sky each morning. As the Ojibwe people spread all over Mother Earth, Asibakaashi could not get to everyone so she asked grandmothers, mothers and daughters to weave webs to hang over newborn babies as they slept. They believe the night air is full of dreams, the bad ones get caught in the web whilst the good ones flow through the web and down the feathers to the dreamer. Then, in the morning the bad dreams get burnt away by the rising Sun.

79 cm x 37cm (centre ring diameter 27.5cm)