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Rainbow Anandalite Cluster
Rainbow Anandalite Cluster

Mother Nature

Rainbow Anandalite Cluster


Anandalite :: Ā N A N D A :: (Sanskrit: आनन्द) :: Divine Bliss 

All Chakras [Especially Heart, Third Eye + Crown]

Conscious connection | Kundalini | Light Body Activation

Anandalite is said to have a higher vibration that connects us with our 'Light Body'. Sometimes we have moments when our body lets go of stress, fear and heaviness, physically, mentally and emotionally. In this state we may feel most connected with our body. To envision your 'Light Body' think of yourself infused with sunlight and weightlessness. 

When we are in this place we feel much more connected to a universal consciousness and we can feel a divine bliss and peace in our hearts. The name Anandalite is derived from the Sanskrit word  Ānanda meaning eternal bliss or happiness. 

Anandalite also known as Rainbow Quartz and is unique from other types of Quartz due to its completely natural, subtle and irridescent colours that appear on the surface and within the points. This multicoloured effect may be due to the presence of Rhodium.

6.5cm x 5.3cm x 2.8cm 

This piece was sourced by one of our friends we met on travels in Dharamshala.

Origin:: The Himalayas