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Mini Quartz Crystal Ganesha
Mini Quartz Crystal Ganesha

Mother Nature

Mini Quartz Crystal Ganesha


Ganesha :: Blesses new beginnings, remover of obstacles, bringer of good luck, patron of arts + sciences and the deva of intellect + wisdom.

Ganesha // Ganesh // Ganapati // Pillai // Vinayaka is worshipped in Hinduism, Jainism + Buddhism and in many countries (predominantly in Asia).

Crystal Quartz :: Crown Chakra

Amplifier | Consciousness | Cleansing

Crystal quartz, one of the most versatile and multidimensional stones in the mineral kingdom for energetic and spiritual work. It acts as an amplifier of the energy programmed into it and enhances the energy of other stones. Cleanses and protects our aura, aids concentration and provides clarity and insight to the intellect. Acts as a gateway to universal truth and energy, helping us to expand our consciousness and feel at one with all that is.

1.7cm wide x 2.4cm tall x 1.2cm depth