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"Me Time" - Ritual Kit
"Me Time" - Ritual Kit
"Me Time" - Ritual Kit
"Me Time" - Ritual Kit

Kanoa Living

"Me Time" - Ritual Kit


This ritual kit has been carefully packaged together to remind ourselves to take some time out, to reflect, to hone in, to nourish and nurture. In doing so we can deepen our connection with ourselves, replenish and radiate our true essence.

Within this kit are a few tools to help us on our ongoing inner journey...

Organic Frankincense Candle

Hand poured in England using organic pure Frankincense essential oil blended with soy wax. 

Frankincense :: Said to once be more valuable in weight that Gold, many cultures and civilisations cherished this special resin. In Traditional Chinese medicine they called it “fanhunxiang” meaning “calling back the soul fragrance.” 

2 sizes available (9cl, 30hrs burn time or 20cl, 40-50hrs burn time).

Rough Rose Quartz Chunk

Heart Chakra:: Self Love | Compassion | Kindness

This soothing stone is one for self-love, this stone helps us realise that if we can't love or nurture ourselves life cannot fully evolve in the healthy, beautiful way that it should. Meditating on love for ourselves and others with this stone can help to heal a closed heart chakra and help us to emanate kindness and compassion. 

Please note that no two pieces are the same but we can assure you they are all uniquely beautiful, each Rose Quartz chunk measures approximately 3/4cm and will be intuitively chosen for you. 

3 Sticks of Palo Santo 

Praised for centuries for it's clearing and cleansing properties. Palo Santo translates to 'Holy Wood' and has invigorating, uplifting & cleansing scent even before lighting. Light the stick and let it flame briefly, extinguish and smudge your surroundings to transmute negative energy to positive. You can leave your stick to smoulder in a shell or flame proof dish. Native to South America our sticks come from windfall trees only.

All kits come packaged in a recycled grey box garnished with natural confetti.