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I AM Love :: Ritual Kit
I AM Love :: Ritual Kit
I AM Love :: Ritual Kit

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I AM Love :: Ritual Kit


These Ritual Kits have been carefully put together with hope of adding a little joy to life and to inspire us to take time out to just be. Tapping into different intentions, connecting us with ourselves and reminding us of the wisdom and beauty we all have within.

I AM Love :: Ritual Kit


Rose Quartz Chunk

A stone of love, kindness & compassion, a gentle reminder to be gentle & kind to ourselves and radiate love.

Joy Candle

Handpoured in the England using pure essential oils and sprinkled with Clear Quartz; a ’master healer’ crystal believed to amplify intention & clear energetic blocks. A sustainable soy wax blend with orange, patchouli ylang ylang & neroli. Long clean burn of up to 45hrs.

Vitality Essential Oil

Handpoured in England using pure essential oils blended to bring positive energy into your surroundings. Eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, orange, citronella, aniseed & thyme.

All kits come packaged in a recycled grey box garnished with natural confetti.

Bespoke kits can also be created, please get in touch to start creating your own unique box of treasures.