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"I am Joy" Gift Set
"I am Joy" Gift Set

Kanoa Living

"I am Joy" Gift Set


Each element of this pack has been carefully chosen to invite joy and positivity into your life and home. 

Palo Santo (Holy Wood) ::

- From wind fallen trees native to Latin America. Giving an uplifting scent when burnt, helping to clear low and negative energies, welcoming positivity into the area.

Raw Carnelian Chunk ::

Sacral Chakra ~ Joy | Focus | Self Esteem

A uniquely patterned Carnelian piece is linked to the Sacral Chakra, a place that governs our feelings of deservedness when it comes to enjoying the all the beauty and pleasures of life. Increasing our Self-Esteem helps to remove confusion, frustration and over-dependency on others. 

(Please note the Carnelian piece you will receive may be slightly different to the one shown here as each stone is unique, but we can assure you it will be just as beautiful in its own way!)

Dalit Candle::

Made with Beeswax and a subtle Lavender aroma to create a peaceful atmosphere. Each purchase of these candles goes to support vulnerable children in India.

(Visit for more information on their projects.)

Comes wrapped in fabric and a contemporary space grey gift box.