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Handmade Clay Beaded 'Lilac Rainbow' Earrings
Handmade Clay Beaded 'Lilac Rainbow' Earrings

Guatemalan Artisans

Handmade Clay Beaded 'Lilac Rainbow' Earrings


Handmade clay earrings by Guatemalan artisans♥︎

Guatemala’s textile and handicraft industry is infused with colour, exquisite detail and often a deep spiritual significance + connection to the natural world. Over the passage of time they have not lost their Mayan heritage or rich culture for producing such unique beauty with their hands. Considering too that Guatemala is not the hugest land mass it is truly astounding + inspiring how many diverse and unique styles and methods of creating there are.

We are so excited by these new creations that were sourced in Antigua during a trip to Guatemala. These earrings have been carefully crafted using tiny, colourful clay beads and assembled using needlework and bead looms.

Every single bead has been handmade and we have added on 925 Sterling Silver ear wires onto each pair. Thank you for supporting and celebrating such rich culture, traditional craftsmanship + way of life!♥︎

These 'Lilac Rainbow' earrings measure 4.5cm width x 12cm length (Excluding earwires).