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Crown Chakra Essential Oil
Crown Chakra Essential Oil
Crown Chakra Essential Oil

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Crown Chakra Essential Oil


Crown Chakra ::

Sanskrit: सहस्रार | Sahasrāra, "thousand-petaled Lotus"

This Crown Chakra oil has been hand blended by Hannah in Manchester, UK using 100% pure essential Frankincense, Cedarwood, Lavender and Bergamot oil.

The Crown Chakra is an energy point located at the top our heads, it is our connection to higher consciousness, allowing us to connect on a deeper level with ourselves yet also opening us up to a force of life greater than ourselves.

O V E R - A C T I V E   S A H A S R A R A::

If our crown chakra is overactive we may find it difficult to ground ourselves, living in our own world, feeling inferior to those around us and lacking in empathy.

U N D E R - A C T I V E   S A H A S R A R A::

An under active crown chakra may leave us feeling meaningless with a difficulty of finding a purpose in life. We may find ourselves quick to blame anything and anyone external, feeling unloved and out of touch with spirituality and our inner selves.

B A L A N C E D   S A H A S R A R A::

When the crown chakra is balanced we are in control of our emotions, truly connected with our inner selves, feeling grounded and at one with all around and beyond us. Our intuition and wisdom will guide us, selflessly devoting ourselves to the well being of all living things as we will feel and see, we are all one.

Each oil comes in a 10ml glass bottle.