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"Clear, Cleanse & Recharge" Gift Set
"Clear, Cleanse & Recharge" Gift Set
"Clear, Cleanse & Recharge" Gift Set

Kanoa Living

"Clear, Cleanse & Recharge" Gift Set


Each element of this pack has been carefully chosen to invite clearing and cleansing energies into your space whilst creating a little boost of positivity. It comes with a little paper scroll explaining the traditional uses of each of the herb burning bundles and the Selenite stick.

:: Palo Santo (Holy Wood) ::

Harvested from wind fallen trees native to Latin America. It's name translates to 'Holy Wood'. Giving an uplifting scent when burnt, helping to clear low and negative energies, welcoming positivity into the area.

Mood Boost | Mozzie Repeller | Positive & Healing Energy

:: White Sage ::

Traditionally harvested from Native American reserve in California. Praised for it's cleansing and clearing properties, it's been used in rituals and ceremonies for 100's of years.

Protection | Anti-Viral | Purification | Cleansing | Clearing Low & Negative Energy

:: Yerba Santa ::

Translates to 'Sacred Herb', a shrub native to North America. 

Emotional Healing | Heart Chakra Balancing | Boundaries | Purification | Protection & Cleansing

:: Selenite Stick :: 

Found in abundance in Morocco, high in vibration it can be used to cleanse and protect your home or space. Sticks can be placed on windowsills, doorways & fire places or anywhere you choose, creating a wall of protection, keeping energy clear and light.

Box measurements :: 20.5cm x 6cm x 14cm