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Bundle of Love
Bundle of Love

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Bundle of Love


Bundle of Love

This bundle has been specially created to uplift and encourage love to blossom from within.  


Praised since Ancient times for it's cleansing and purifying properties, when burned it helps to clear the air of negative energies. 

The Latin name for Sage is 'Salvia' coming from the verb 'Salvere' meaning 'to heal'

Rose Quartz

A stone of love, kindness and compassion. A gentle reminder to harness and radiate this energy. 

Rose Petals & Ranunculus 

Rose petals have been a symbol of love, gratitude and gentleness for 100s of years whilst Ranunculus spreads joy. 

Sage :: 14cm in length

Packaged up in a recycled space grey box, perfect as a special gift to yourself or to a loved one. Bespoke orders are also available, please pop us an email to create your own bundle.