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Amazonite and Smokey Quartz Pebble
Amazonite and Smokey Quartz Pebble

Kanoa Living

Amazonite and Smokey Quartz Pebble


Amazonite + Smokey Quartz Pebble:: Root Chakra, Heart + Throat Chakras

♥ Amazonite // Heartfelt communication | Boundaries | Harmony 

♥ Smokey Quartz// Grounding | Cleansing | Protection 

Amazonite is said to be a stone of both courage and truth, it encourages bravery to open our hearts and speak our truth yet the power and strength to keep our truths cherished and safe.

Smokey Quartz is said to resonate with the Root Chakra, which when healthy provides a strong, grounded and protected base from which we can interact with the world and consequently allow our other (higher up) chakras to flourish.

Said to protect us from negative energy and connect us to the earth and our instincts in a healthy, purified way. This can be empowering as it encourages us to be fully in our body, take control and not be taken over by the negativity we may experience in life; be it our internal thoughts and worries or the external negativity we face in the world.

5cm x 4.5cm x 0.8cm