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Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil
Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil
Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil

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Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil


Third Eye Chakra ::

Sanskrit: आज्ञा | Ājñā, "Perceive"

This Third Eye Chakra oil has been hand blended by Hannah in Manchester, UK using 100% pure essential Lavender, Marjoram, Frankincense, Clary Sage oils. 

The Third Eye Chakra is located on our forehead between our eyebrows, this energy centre is focused around seeing, truly without conditioning or delusion. This is where intuition and perception of more subtle energies and psychic abilities are developed. When energy is flowing smoothly through this chakra we develop a focus and ability to see beyond illusions that hold us back from living a life that is aligned with our highest good. 

O V E R - A C T I V E   A J N A::

If our Third Eye chakra is overactive we may overindulge in psychic fantasies and illusions becoming absorbed in them and thus detaching from the physical world around us. We may become 'spacey' or experience our thoughts going into overdrive and an inability to make decisions due to clouded judgement and lack of focus. Other symptoms may be hallucination, vision and sinus problems, anxiety and paranoia.

U N D E R - A C T I V E   A J N A::

If our third eye chakra is underactive we may feel unable to connect with the world around us on a spiritual level. We may lack empathy for others, lack common sense and be unable to hear our intuitive side. We may focus on the practical, be dismissive and struggle to be creative. Lack of connection to the spiritual can lead to depression, confusion and a lack of focus.

B A L A N C E D   A J N A:: 

When the third eye chakra is balanced we are able to connect strongly with our intuition, improve our memory and improve our ability to learn new things. Having a balanced third eye chakra allows us to cut through illusions and falsities and to understand the deeper, pure truth and access higher states of consciousness. If this chakra is balanced it healthily connects the right creative, synthetic thinking side of the brain to the left logical and analytical side. 

Each oil comes in a 10ml glass bottle.