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Bundle of Clarity

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Bundle of Clarity


Bundle of Clarity

This bundle has been specially created to calm and declutter our minds, bringing clarity and clear thinking to our being.

Palo Santo (2 sticks)

Praised since Ancient times for it's clearing and cleansing properties. Palo Santo translates to 'Holy Wood' and has invigorating, uplifting & cleansing scent even before lighting... Our sticks come from South America from windfall trees only. 


A useful companion in meditation, Fluorite helps us become aware of our subconscious thoughts, fears and desires, bringing them up to a clear and focused mind. 

Purple Gladioli

Gladioli were once known as the flower of Gladiators, it's said to represent strength of character; purple in particular symbolises mysteriousness and grace. 

Packaged up in a recycled space grey box, perfect as a special gift to yourself or to a loved one. Bespoke orders are also available, please pop us an email to create your own bundle.