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I AM Strong :: Ritual Kit
I AM Strong :: Ritual Kit
I AM Strong :: Ritual Kit

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I AM Strong :: Ritual Kit

“I AM Strong”
Yellow Calcite
A friendly reminder of that zest for life, a crystal of self-worth & self-esteem, ambition & drive, hope & optimism.
Palo Santo
(Holy Wood) From wind fallen trees native to Latin America. Giving an uplifting scent when burnt, helping to clear low and negative energies, welcoming positivity into the area.
Frankincense Candle
Pure organic Frankincense candle, Hand poured in England using the finest Essential Oils and sustainable Soy Wax. A long clean burn time of approx 30hrs. Frankincense has been known as the ‘King of Oils’ for centuries, used by the Ancient Babylonians & Egyptians for it’s healing properties.