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I AM Love :: Ritual Kit
I AM Love :: Ritual Kit
I AM Love :: Ritual Kit

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I AM Love :: Ritual Kit

“I AM Love”
Revitalise Massage Oil
Handpoured in the England using pure essential oils in a grapeseed blend. Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Orange, Citronella, Aniseed & Thyme.
Serenity Candle
Hand poured in England using the finest Essential Oils and sustainable Soy Wax. A long clean burn time of approx 30hrs. A sprinkling of Rose Quartz over a blend of Ylang Ylang & Cardamon to bring an uplifting scent and feeling into your surroundings.
Rose Quartz Chunk
Rose Quartz has a gentle and soft energy, resonating with the Heart Chakra: Sanskrit: अनाहत | Anāhata, "Unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten" Reminding us of our love, kindness and compassion.