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925 Silver 'Merkaba' Pendant
925 Silver 'Merkaba' Pendant
925 Silver 'Merkaba' Pendant
925 Silver 'Merkaba' Pendant

Balinese Silversmiths

925 Silver 'Merkaba' Pendant


M E R K A B A::

The Merkaba is an ancient symbol and it’s name comprised of three words:

Mer:: Light

Ka:: Spirit

Ba:: Body

In Sacred Geometry terms, The Merkaba symbol is a is a 3D 8 pointed star which consists of two pyramids facing opposing directions. Like the various words ‘MER / KA / BA’  translate to, the Merkaba symbolises an energy field of pure light that surrounds our physical body and connects us to our spirit and higher realms of consciousness.

This symbol with its two pyramids echoes the masculine and feminine energies throughout the universe and within ourselves and so acts as a reminder of our immense power when find balance and raise our vibration.

This beautiful Sterling Silver pendant is hand made in Bali by talented local Silversmiths.

Measures: 2cm x 1cm x 1cm

Illustration: Leonardo Da Vinci, Vetruvian Man, 1490.